October 2016 Newsletter

Newmarket News!

October 2016

We’ve been busy this month, so see what’s new in Newmarket!

Manufacturing Month

At a press conference in Hyde Park on Tuesday, October 11, Mayor Walsh announced that October would be a celebration of Manufacturing Month in the city of Boston. The Mayor spoke to approximately 50 to 75 business owners as he outlined his plans to bring more manufacturing businesses back to the city by reenergizing Boston’s Backstreets Program and seeking out new ways to help manufacturers do new business in the city. The Mayor is confident that there will be significant growth in the next few years. Specifically, the Mayor indicated that a major part of his plan will be to work with the MBTA to increase ridership on the Fairmont Line.

Business Employment Specialist

The NBA has been working closely with Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation and the Fairmont/Indigo CDC Collaborative to bring on a new “business employment specialist” for the area. Since September, Dara Frederick has been working to connect businesses in Newmarket and along the Fairmont line who need positions filled with residents along the line who are searching for employment. The strategy behind this particular work is that hiring employees who have good access to transportation and live closer are likely to have less impediments to their on-job reliability. Dara is looking to set up meetings with many of our companies to introduce herself. If you currently have any job availability please contact her at 857-302-9639.

Newmarket Safety Task Force Updates

  • Reading/Farnham Streets 
  • Work has continued on the improvements to Reading and Farnham Streets. After more than a dozen overdoses were reported on the two roads within two weeks over the summer, the NBA, local businesses and residents, and the city worked together to create a plan for the renovation of the area. In recent weeks, work has begun with signage indicating new parking regulations to open up the streets. The plan will also add new sidewalks; street beautification; better lighting; and camera surveillance.
  • Drag Racing
  • Thanks to the efforts of the local police departments, the weekend drag racing that disrupted Newmarket Square for several weeks has been dealt with. Police cracked down on the activity beginning in late September, and their efforts were a resounding success as racers have been absent from the Square for the past several weeks.
  • Methadone Clinics
  • The State and City are putting pressure on methadone clinics to be better neighbors. While the percentage of methadone patients who loiter around Newmarket after receiving their dosage is not high, the volume of patients coming through the area every day is large enough that they still make up a significant population. By enforcing mandated good neighbor policies on their patients, the methadone clinics can greatly help to mitigate the issues.

New City Services Number

  • The City of Boston has rolled out a new number to connect city residents with an easy way to request non-emergency services and information. The number can be used for anything from graffiti removal to reporting a broken street sign to requesting needle clean-up. The 311 Constituent Service Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year and can be contacted either by phone, their mobile app, or twitter @BOS311.

Real Estate News

  • On August 10, business and city officials broke ground on a new expansion for the South Bay Center in Dorchester. The project will add ten acres to the existing shopping center and will feature residences, a hotel, a movie theater, restaurants and shops in the sort of urban outdoor ambiance city dwellers now have to drive to Dedham or Foxboro to experience. The expansion will replace a concrete plant, the former 88 supermarket, a closed office building and a vacant warehouse with 475 apartments or condos – 61 of them marketed as affordable – a 12-screen cineplex, a 130-room hotel and room enough for the sort of boutiques and restaurants one doesn’t associate with the current South Bay mall. The project is planned to be completed by 2018.

65 East Cottage Street
20,000 sq. ft. of Commercial/Industrial Space
Pre-Leasing Now!

Congratulations to Newmarket Community Partners and Dorchester for receiving all permits from the City of Boston for their development project at 65 East Cottage Street! We’d like to make everybody aware that 20,000 square feet of new commercial/industrial space will be available in 2018. Pre-leasing is available now! Those interested should contact Sue Sullivan either by email (suesullivan@newmarketboston.org) or by calling 345-3445.

NBA Member of the Month!
Suffolk Construction

This month, Suffolk Construction officially broke ground for their 38,000 square foot expansion. On October 6th, Suffolk CEO John Fish, Mayor Walsh, and others took part in a “virtual groundbreaking” where, wearing VR headsets and moving virtual dirt with a virtual shovel, they made more and more of Suffolk’s new headquarters appear on screen with every scoop.

Keep an eye out for our next update on what’s new in Newmarket! As always, should you have any questions or concerns, contact us at (617) 445-3445 or nba@newmarketboston.org

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"We are grateful for Newmarket's focus not only on strengthening the area's important role in Boston commerce, but also on its commitment to working closely with other community organizations, like the Greater Boston Food Bank, to provide a better quality of life for those in need."

Carol Tienken
Chief Operating Officer
Greater Boston Food Bank

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