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November 2017

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Also, Don’t Miss! Newmarket’s Annual Meeting,
January 18th!!!

Our 40th annual members’ meeting and fundraiser is coming up in January! This year we’ll be holding the event at Suffolk Construction’s new headquarters from 5 to 8 pm on January 18th. This year’s keynote speaker will be John Fish. Please join us for great networking, food, drink, and more!

1.     We continue to have an increased police presence in the area. This is a result of a coordinated effort by the Boston Police, the State Police, BU Police, Boston Medical Center Police, Dept of Public Health Police, the Sheriff’s Office and others to jointly provide coverage in this area and to arrest or detain various individuals as well as to move others off of the streets, etc. In addition, the city’s drug unit is here at various times every day and night.
2.      Fenced in Areas – A number of areas in Newmarket have been fenced off recently in an effort to reduce large numbers of loiterers. This effort has been done in coordination with the opening of the daytime engagement center at 212 Southampton Street (see below). The results have been mixed. Though we have less people congregating in very large numbers and the engagement center often has 60-70 people in it, a fairly large number of individuals have migrated off the corners of the major streets and onto the side streets of Newmarket. We are actively working with the police and health officials to stop this from occurring. 
CNN Story Reunites Parents with Addicted Children

A CNN report in early November interviewed a number of the homeless and addicted people living on the streets of Newmarket. The report showed the suffering of the afflicted, but it also had unintended, positive consequences. The Boston Globe reported a few weeks later that at least two parents had identified their children being interviewed in the CNN report. They hadn’t known the whereabouts of their children until they saw them on the news. Since then, the mother and the friends of one young man were able to find him on the street, reach out, and convince him to enter treatment. Another father found his daughter and has pledged to stay with her on the streets until she agrees to enter a treatment program.

Click here for the full story. 

South Bay Center’s AMC Cinema opening Dec. 15

Since breaking ground last year, the South Bay Center’s 700,000 square foot expansion has been making rapid progress! Now, one of its new businesses is set to open next month. This new 12 screen AMC theater is set to open just in time for the new Star Wars film and all of this year’s other holiday releases!

The MBTA’s New Charlie Card Partnership
Consider Offering This as a No-Cost Employee Benefit!


The MBTA is now offering to partner with businesses in providing T Passes for their employees! With participating businesses, employees will be able to place orders for their monthly passes with their employers, who will then send the company’s orders to the MBTA. The MBTA will provide the passes to companies to be handed out, and the cost of each individual pass will be taken out of the employees paychecks before taxes. Under this system, businesses can help provide effectively discounted transportation for their employees at no cost to themselves!

If you are interested in the program, please contact us about the details at or 617-445-3445.

Fairmount Line Rapid Transit

We have continued our work, alongside our allies in the Fairmount Indigo Transit Coalition, to seeing the Fairmount/Indigo Line becoming rapid transit with significantly increased frequency of service over the next several years. This is not only our vision, but is also the city’s vision as outlined in the recently released Imagine Boston 2030 report. Another pilot project to test rapid transit on the line was recently submitted by Representative Evandro Carvalho. A public hearing was held for the measure on September 18th, where the NBA and a large number of community groups and residents spoke in support. 

Food Bank continues to provide for those in Need! 

On Thursday, November 9, the Greater Boston Food Bank hosted their 7th annual Chain of Giving. The Chain of Giving brings the GBFB community together to unload the first of many truckloads of turkeys, passing them in down a human chain and into the freezer.

Over 100 volunteers, including Governor Baker, Mayor Walsh, and Representatives Evandro Carvalho, Russel Holmes, and Linda Dorcena Forry came together to help that day and to highlight the tremendous work that the Food Bank does to feed the hungry in Greater Boston. Between that day and Thanksgiving, over 40,000 turkeys passed through GBFB, to the tables of families in need.

ReEnergy and Republic Services Share Their Thanksgiving Spirit with Orchard Garden School families!
Two of our members, ReEnergy and Republic Services, showed the true spirit of giving by donating dozens of turkeys to the Orchard Garden Pilot School the week before Thanksgiving. The school staff was very excited to be able to give these turkeys to many Orchard Garden families in need.  An enormous thank you to them for their part in supporting the Newmarket community!
The Record Company is Looking for New Space
The Record Company, a musical non-profit currently located at 960 Mass Ave, is looking for a new space. The Record Company provides recording space and equipment for up and coming musical groups, creating opportunity for new musicians and fostering a sustainable music scene in Boston.

They are seeking 10,000 to 15,000 square feet of industrial space to adapt and reuse. Ideally they would like a stand alone building, but any area with low density usage is preferred. Contact Matt McArthur at 617-765-0155 if you have space available and would like to discuss.

English Works
In the coming months, the Newmarket Business Association and Newmarket Community Partners will begin offering English in the Workplace classes for businesses looking for help in improving the skills of their employees. English classes build employee confidence, support individual growth, and produce great returns for the company. A number of our businesses have already signed up. We need to know as soon as possible if you are interested in more information about this.

If you are interested in getting more information, please contact us at 617-445-3445.

Real Estate News

Flower Exchange to be transformed into EXCHANGE – SOUTH END by the Abbey Group!
Boston-based real estate developer The Abbey Group filed plans in September to develop Exchange South End, a 1.6 million-square-foot life science and technology office campus on Albany Street.  In the end,  the Project could cost upward of $1 billion to fully develop.

The Abbey Group has proposed the project at the 5.6-acre Boston Flower Exchange site, which it bought in 2016.

As part of the City’s Article 80 Permitting Process, there is an Impact Advisory Group Process which includes Sue Sullivan, NBA’s Executive Director as well as 2 members of our Board of Directors.  There is also a public comment period that will end on November 29th.  For more information on the Permitting Process, please click this link to the Boston Planning & Development Agency Website.

Exchange South End would include “a vibrant mixed-use commercial, technology, and life science research space with ground floor retail, incubator and civic space surrounding a new central publicly-accessible park,” the Abbey Group wrote in its Sept. 19 project notification form filing to the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

The proposed project features 840,810 square feet of laboratory space, some 640,540 square feet of office space and 42,500 square feet of ground-floor retail space split across four separate buildings, which would range in height from 92 feet to 282 feet. In the center will be a 30,000-square-foot central public park.

Each of the four properties would include underground parking, for a combined 1,145 spaces.

“The project is forecasted to provide between 4,000-7,000 jobs and be the catalyst to reconnect the Albany Street corridor into the South End community,” The Abbey Group said in its PNF.

Here’s the breakdown of proposed buildings:

  • Building A: Six-story, 92-foot-tall, 230,000-square-foot building with 192,855 square feet of lab space; 20,500 square feet of retail space and 352 garage parking spaces.
  • Building B: 14-story, 200-foot-tall, 480,700-square-foot building with 284,030 square feet of lab space; 161,300 square feet of office space; 22,000 square feet of retail space and 505 garage parking spaces.
  • Building C: 20-story, 282-foot-tall, 502,000-square-foot building with 195,970 square feet of lab space; 298,360 square feet of office space and 288 garage parking spots shared with Building D.
  • Building D: 15-story, 215-foot-tall, 386,725-square-foot building with 167,955 square feet of lab space; 180,880 square feet of office space and 288 garage parking spots shared with Building C.
The Abbey Group said the project’s construction “will be phased to reflect the demand in the market.” It anticipates starting construction on the first phase next fall, completing buildings A or B as well as park space as early as late 2019.
City Services Number

The City of Boston has rolled out a phone number to connect city residents with an easy way to request non-emergency services and information. The number can be used for anything from graffiti removal to reporting a broken street sign to requesting needle clean-up. The 311 Constituent Service Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year and can be contacted either by phone, their mobile app, or twitter @BOS311.

65 East Cottage Street
20,000 sq. ft. of Commercial/Industrial Space
Pre-Leasing Now!


Are you looking for room to expand? 20,000 square feet of new commercial/industrial space will be available in approximately 18 months (spring 2019) at Newmarket’s newest commercial-industrial development. Pre-leasing is available now! Those interested should contact Sue Sullivan either by email ( or by calling 345-3445.

Keep an eye out for our next update on what’s new in Newmarket! As always, should you have any questions or concerns, contact us at (617) 445-3445 or 

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"We are grateful for Newmarket's focus not only on strengthening the area's important role in Boston commerce, but also on its commitment to working closely with other community organizations, like the Greater Boston Food Bank, to provide a better quality of life for those in need."

Carol Tienken
Chief Operating Officer
Greater Boston Food Bank

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