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January 2017

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Great time had at Newmarket Annual Meeting and Fundraiser!

Over two hundred members and friends of the Newmarket Business Association joined us on Thursday, January 12th to celebrate the past year. The event was a great success for the Association, and we would like to once again extend our thanks to our keynote speaker Sheriff Steve Tompkins and our master of ceremonies State Senator Linda Dorcena-Forry. Kudos also to the staff and students of the New England Center for Arts and Technology. Both the setting and the food were outstanding!

NBA Member of the Year!
Michael Rothschild

Michael Rothschild is the Newmarket Member of the Year for 2016! Mike has worked tirelessly as the President of the Association since 2012 to promote a vision for the Newmarket area that would see Newmarket become the Industrial Innovation District of Boston. Under Michael’s leadership, the NBA has become a stronger, more focused organization dedicated to the ongoing prosperity of the business community, the continued growth of good industrial sector jobs and its ongoing role as an important community partner.

Katsiroubas Lifetime Members

Katsiroubas Bros. Wholesale Fruit and Produce was honored at our annual meeting this month with the Lifetime Member Award for their many years of service to the NBA and Newmarket area. A 5th generation family business, the Katsiroubas family moved to Newmarket in 1986 under the leadership of Ted Katsiroubas and his sons Jimmy, Nicky and Paul. Since then, the company has expanded twice in Newmarket and has been a bellwether business for good hiring practices, longevity of employees, and hands-on customer service. Today the company continues its success under the leadership of Ted and Torry Katsiroubas.

Newmarket Safety Task Force Updates

  • Anti-Drug Initiatives 
  • In the next several months, the Newmarket Business Association will be working with various elected officials on both the city and state levels to limit the number of methadone patients receiving treatment in the Newmarket area each day. We will also look to increase the amount of methadone clinics in other areas of the state in order to more equally spread out the responsibility of communities to provide care for their own patients and thereby alleviate some of the overcrowding issues that we have in Newmarket. We are also in the process of setting up meetings with the Roxbury District Court to discuss increasing penalties for dealing heroine and similar drugs in the Newmarket area. Because the area’s methadone patients represent a particularly at-risk population, we feel that it should be treated similarly to a school zone for the purpose of increased strictness in dealing with drug dealers.
  • Help for the Homeless
  • This year, the Newmarket Business Assocation will also be exploring and partnering with the city and others to find a campus-style setting for the city’s homeless population. The present situation and the climate in which the homeless currently live is nothing short of inhumane, and it is imperative that they be given a place to go during the day and sleep during the night, as well as all the wrap-around services necessary to get them back on their feet. While reopening the old facilities on Long Island appears to be off the table, we are actively looking for other solutions that can provide a safe and healthy environment.
  • Needle Cleanup
  • In the past few months, the Newmarket Business Association has collaborated with the Inspectional Services Department and Boston Public Health to put a SHARPS container for safely disposing of needles in Clifford Park. In the future, we will be placing additional containers in certain other areas.  If you see needles, you should immediately call 311 and request the Needle Recovery Team to come pick them up.

Rep. Cavalho and Others File Methadone Legislation

Representative Cavalho and other members of the State House delegation are in the process of filing methadone treatment legislation commissioning a study to examine the regional demand and distribution of substance abuse treatment and medically assisted treatment facilities. Under this legislation, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will support the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services in creating a report to be submitted by no later than December 1, 2017. The report will include the distribution of reports of opiate overdoses throughout the state, the distribution of the last known residence of each victim of overdoses, the distribution and capacity of substance abuse treatment services, the distribution and capacity of medically assisted treatment services, and the distribution of alcohol and drug free housing when available.The report will also include a preliminary analysis of treatment expansions or reductions and their costs to the state.

Boston Salads is now in the Soup Business

Over the past several months, Boston Salads has developed a new product line of soups and chowders. Building out a 50,000 square foot manufacturing space in Newmarket Square, Boston Salads has created a state of the art manufacturing facility that produces 15 different soups and chowders on a daily basis. Founder John Zofchak recently gave a tour to Newmarket’s Pegeen Doran and Sue Sullivan. Today, their carefully crafted soups and chowders are prepared with the same attention to detail and quality as their salads and prepared foods. Their soups feature antibiotic free chicken, growth hormone free beef, fresh vegetables, and locally harvested seafood prepared in small batches. In other words, fresh from their kitchen to your table.

To see more, check out their website.

Real Estate News

Boston Flower Exchange

The Boston Flower Exchange Site on Albany Street has been purchased by the Abbey Group. The deal, which was in progress and under wraps for several months this past year, is finally official. The Abbey Group is now in the process of determining potential uses for the site, putting together their development team, and meeting with the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The Abbey Group met last month with the NBA’s Issues Committee to discuss plans for future development. Preliminary discussions indicate that the group is considering using the site for a commercial/institutional/office use. The NBA is looking forward to working closely with the Abbey Group in the development process.

Feldman Surveyors

Hundreds attended the grand opening of Feldman Surveyors in November as they began operation in their new offices on Hampden Street. Feldman Surveyors has been in business since the 1940s and we congratulate them on their new space.


70 Southampton Street

70 Southampton Street sold this month to City Realty. The 1/3 acre parcel, which houses a one story, 3600 square foot commercial building, was acquired for 1.85 million dollars. The new owners have indicated that there is no consideration of the property being used for any type of marijuana distribution facility. They have stated that they would like to develop the property at some point, and we look forward to having them come in to discuss potential uses.

Cumberland Farms Closes

The Cumberland Farms at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street has closed as of Wednesday, December 28th. The store’s location has long been one of the epicenters of the homelessness problem in Newmarket, as the sidewalk outside its doors was one of the most heavily populated places for homeless individuals to congregate in the area. Since its closing, there has been a dispersion of individuals, and many seem to not be remaining on the corner after receiving services but leaving to other areas. The police bike patrol has remained very vigilant about dispersing large crowds.

New City Services Number

The City of Boston has rolled out a new number to connect city residents with an easy way to request non-emergency services and information. The number can be used for anything from graffiti removal to reporting a broken street sign to requesting needle clean-up. The 311 Constituent Service Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year and can be contacted either by phone, their mobile app, or twitter @BOS311.

65 East Cottage Street
20,000 sq. ft. of Commercial/Industrial Space
Pre-Leasing Now!

Are you looking for room to expand? 20,000 square feet of new commercial/industrial space will be available in 12-18 months (early 2018) at Newmarket’s newest commercial-industrial development. Pre-leasing is available now! Those interested should contact Sue Sullivan either by email (suesullivan@newmarketboston.org) or by calling 345-3445.

NBA Member of the Month!
Century Type

67 Kemble Street

Century is an on-demand printing company, whose almost 40 years of business experience incorporates a multitude of successful print and media technological changes. They are a unique family founded business which offers a diverse spectrum of print production services from design and desktop assistance to fulfillment—which includes indoor and outdoor banners and posters….and automatic order fulfillment of everything from business cards and stationery to rush brochures and large catalogs and books.

In today’s fast paced technology, digital printing allows Century’s clients to print What they need, When they need it! This not only helps the bottom line, but the environment with less waste.

CENTURY TYPE, located at 67 Kemble Street, is the Newmarket Business Association’s GO TO business for all of our printing needs (including the invitations and programs for our recent Annual Meeting & Fundraiser)!!

Keep an eye out for our next update on what’s new in Newmarket! As always, should you have any questions or concerns, contact us at (617) 445-3445 or nba@newmarketboston.org

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"We are grateful for Newmarket's focus not only on strengthening the area's important role in Boston commerce, but also on its commitment to working closely with other community organizations, like the Greater Boston Food Bank, to provide a better quality of life for those in need."

Carol Tienken
Chief Operating Officer
Greater Boston Food Bank

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