Newmarket Business Association works with employers, residents and government, bringing all parties together to increase the economic vitality of the district. Our mission is to enhance the region’s prosperity and provide a better quality of life to those living and working in the Newmarket area. Here are some ways we’ve helped:

Boston Career Link: Newmarket Business Association along with its subsidiary Newmarket Community Partners Inc. has partnered with Career Link to provide community members with resources, counseling services and specialized training to advance their careers. Through special programs and job fairs, Career Link helps match job seekers with employers.



Growing Business: Newmarket Business Association partners with the United States Small Business Association, State of Massachusetts, City of Boston, and local funding organizations and financial institutions to encourage businesses to both locate and grow within the Newmarket area. These efforts include incentives to revitalize industrial buildings and hire local employees.



Samuel W. Mason Elementary School:  Since 1997, we have procured funding to provide computers in every classroom, held book drives to benefit the school library, and spent hours each week visiting the school and reading to the children. This commitment has assisted in the rebirth of the school, making it one of the flagship schools of the City of Boston.



Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School: Newmarket Business Association has partnered with Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School, deemed a turnaround school in 2010. By providing guidance, financial assistance, and local support, Newmarket members have played a pivotal role in turning Orchard Gardens into a flagship Boston Public School.



Rosie’s Place, Pine Street Inn and Julie’s Family Learning Center: Contributions to these and other local non-profit organizations from the Newmarket Business Association have funded transitional programs for adults including literacy classes, counseling and recovery support to enable self-reliance. Additionally, funds have focused on specialized vocational support services for young people including those age 18-22 who are aging out of youth programs, to help foster independence.



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